POP&Co has just been awarded the

design from finland-label!

The POP & Co collection is designed in Helsinki.

Our own factory guarantees transparent production

We want to make the most beautiful and coolest clothes and we also want to focus on sustainability.

The collection is manufactured in our own factory Riga, Latvia. This way we can be sure about the origin of each garment.

The textile industry is also putting an enormous burden on our planet and small efforts can reduce this burden.

Our collection has Öko-TEX certified as well as GOTS Certified styles and even our price tags are made from recycled materials. We aim to produce a larger part of the collection with recycled and Organic materials and we are constantly sourcing new, innovative materials, yet keeping in mind the requirements that children’s clothes have.

Our production is committed to sustainable development: less electricity consumption, waste and emissions. They also carry social responsibility, i.e. workers have good working conditions and everyone receives fair treatment and a fair compensation for the work they have done.

The garments are fitted on children and test-washed over and over again, as they are at home.
This way, they become well-fitting and durable.

gorgeous kidswear brand by designer Petra Kiuru.

Petra has lived and worked all her life with kids fashion, as a child she used to follow her mother to work, play with buttons and yarns and sleep between fabric rolls at the family’s factory in Finland.

Working with and closely following the effects of mass-production, there was only one way to start her own label: the collection would be a complete opposite to mass production. “When a T-Shirt costs 2€, it’s unlikely there will be much attention to design, fit, quality and sustainaibility matters. I want to stand behind these issues. I also want to source each trim, hangtag and button myself and be sure I know it meets our values”

She adores the Chic European way of dressing kids; the carefully selected dresses and patent leather ballerinas and her dream was to make her own collection where she could show her personal touch as a designer. She has always loved all things “frilly and glittery, but it needs to be carried out with good taste leaving the child’s own persona to still play the lead role”.

The collection is a day-to-day Princess’s everyday wardrobe and it gets its inspiration from the bright colours of Andalucia and, in balance, the hazy, toned hues of Parisian summer mornings.

The collection takes a strong focus on comfort and fit and the designer herself is constantly exploring new possibilities to design using more and more ecological and recycled materials

  • We use nature-friendly dyes in our fabrics
  • We cut down waste by utilising cut waste to make headbands for example
  • We use recycled materials wherever possible

A word from our designer

“Recycled materials will be playing a significant part in the clothing industry in the future and I love it that many companies are putting serious effort into the sustainability matter!”

Thanks for visiting our page, I am really honoured every time someone comments on my designs or if I see a child wearing my designs – that’s what is the most rewarding feeling to me! We are only starting our journey but our “look” is strong and our enthusiasm even stronger. Enjoy!”

XOXO, Petra


POP & Co